We Run Rome 2015 – Federica Botrugno


This has been a different NYE for me. Being in Rome to take part in what is more than just a race, but a real party with friends, and that represents the edge of an important change in my life.
I knew this race would be different from the others since this time I would have a pacer. At the start I felt anxious and resposability towards my pacer who was there to supporting me, and to friends who believed in me.

I was not completely focused on the race as I should have been, but my legs were prepared to do their best. The difficult path, with all its hills, has made this NYE the most tiring experience I’ve ever had.

I am proud of my time and it’s been exciting giving it all during that last meters towards the finish line tryng to steal even some seconds, surrounded by my friends’ shouts of encouragement

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