We Run Rome 2015 – Lorenzo Letta


I did it!

I successfully completed my mission: to cross the finish line of the biggest 10k race in Rome! After the start, I blocked out all my anxieties about the race; I was hit by strange force and energy.
At my side was Andrea Fattori, my personal pacer, who distracted me from the exhaustion and every time I asked him to slow down, he refused and said I couldn’t even think about being a loser. His cries mixed with those of NRC friends and of my own, a true chorus of “Lollo, Lollo, Lollo”! All of my sacrifices in the last few months of preparation I used on the last straightaway when I gathered up my strength to do one final sprint to the finish. It is useless to try to explain the emotion of hearing the final encouraging cheers, looking at my watch to find that I achieved my goal, falling to the ground and yelling.
I would like to thank the entire Nike Rome Run Club with particular affection to those who believed in me from the beginning, @giordano.bravetti and the whole @eternaleagles crew

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