Save the date 08.03.2016

IWD RUN 2016_tempalate2

A day to remember women’s social and political victories, an occasion to renew the fight again discrimination and violence, a moment to reflect on what has been done and how much is still left to do.

March 8th, International Women’s Day, for us women signifies all of this and more. We girls of the Eternal Eagles have decided to experience this day in a particular way. We have chosen to unite with the global movement started by voltwomen and we will run five kilometers all together this Tuesday at 7:40 pm in Monti and the center of Rome. Around the world, women’s rights are routinely stepped on; there are even some countries that do not allow women to put on running shoes and to play sports.

If you’re ready to show your energy for this cause, then put your mimosa flowers in a vase and join us by signing up at the link and by sharing this post.

More than a finish line for us, March 8th is a point of departure. We are ready – are you?