Friday the 2nd of September SUEDE Store hosted a Diadora Release that takes hold from the starting blocks of Seoul 1988 and arrives to the Finish line of Rio 2016.
We are talking about the Intrepid and IC4000 launch, revisited and reinvented by the gurus of the global sneakers world: Hanon, Patta, 24 Kilates e, Solebox, Kith, Packer and Concept.
We’ve asked something more about it to the person who has seen the birth of this project.

1) What’s your name, where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Andrea De Lauso, I was born and grown in Terni, Umbria. Now I live in Castefranco Veneto next to Treviso, with my wife and my two daughters.
I am the manager of Diadora Sportswear sector, and the sentence I say the most, especially talking about sneakers is: “it’s a bomb!”.

2) What is the “from Seoul to Rio” project, where does the origins of this release come from?

With the “From Seoul to Rio” project Diadora wants to celebrate the sportive event of the year, the Rio Olympic Games.

This is an extraordinary project: the global sneakers elite together to realize an exclusive capsule collection whose inspiration comes from two models of the 1988: the Intrepid and the IC4000.
New colors, materials and finish gave a new life to this models worn by Diadora’s athletes during their training in the 1988.
This capsule collection wants to build a bridge between Seoul 1988 and Rio 2016. This combination of past and present well represents Diadora spirit, this meeting of two different ages contributed to write one of the most beautiful pages of the sport history, commemorating those extraordinary achievement that today are part of the Diadora DNA.
The 7 stores that took part to the project are the European Hanon, Patta, 24 Kilates and Solebox and the American Kith, Packer and Concept

3) Shoes that yesterday where used for training, today are revisited for sportswear, this is a demonstration of how far the technology in the sportive field is gone. How does the Italian Diadora fit in a scenery where the big foreigners brand dominate?

For sure technological research and the innovation are a essencial key in the production of running shoes. Running is in Diadora DNA so these aspects are absolutely fundamental for us and we have always invested in research.
Diadora founded years ago an import center of research and development where athletes, engineers and products experts collaborate together to obtain evolved and innovative products that will satisfy even the more exigent athletes.
Diadora has been the first brand to sponsor its athletes, creating the sportive marketing.
First sponsorships where not just marketing activities, they had the purpose to make athletes try the products and have their feedback in order to co-work for its improvement.
Concerning yesterday’s training products revisited for nowadays sportswear, for sure it is the consequence of the strong trend that it’s bringing back to life the 80’s and the 90’s, but I think that the real reason why our products have such a great success in the sportswear sector is that our products are authentic, with an important story to tell and that our materials and design can last in time.
The values of our brand are authenticity and our great know how in production, this is why we have been present on the scene from more than 60 years. Thanks to these values we can give the costumer an authentic product that will last in time and we can conquer our place in the international scene.

4) Collaborations: how do they born and how are they structured?

Collaboration between Diadora and the designers starts from the decision of working together on the same project and share each other’s know how.
So, the designer and our brand and design team choose the concept and the model to work on.
Generally everything starts from our wide archive, then thanks to our product experts, the design is defined and the materials are chosen.
Diadora manages all the productive process and it’s all done inside our productive site.
Almost one year ago we have reopened the old handicraft production line inside the Cerano di San Marco factory. The line has been brought back to life after almost 15 years of stop.
Old machinery have been maintained and updated and their use permitted an handicraft production, the new computerized machinery would never obtain a result like that.
This production line has been fixed for our top of range products because it let us use totally our know how and permit us to offer to our customer a really high quality and innovative product.

5) What can you tell us about future collaborations?

Collaborations that we are developing now are all part of a long time period program. What I can tell you is that in the future we will explore different kind of collaborations, not only with stores.
We have appreciated immediately Eternal Eagles approach to running and the Crew spirit, I can tell that we are like a girl and a boy who are met by chance, have impressed each other and have exchanged their phone numbers. We’ll see what will happen.

6) Just one more question: the best sneaker ever, your favorite book and a film not to be missed.

It’s hard to choose one shoe among all. I am fond of B. Elite 1981, worn by one of the greatest tennis player of all the times. Diadora, for sure.
My favorite book is “Au bonheur des ogres” by Daniel Pennac, instead a film I want to suggest is “Siberian Education” by Gabriele Salvadores.
Both of them can be interesting ideas to find your own way: the first invite to always follow your dream and listen to your heart. The second, instead, reminds you that probably ourselves is the most important heritage we have and that our dignity is a precious good.

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