All around the World – Oscar


Our Eagle Marco have recently been hosted by the Sideline City Run Club for a training in Stockholm, so we interviewed Oscar, one of the captains of this crew.

1) What’s your name, how old are you and what do you do?

My name is Oscar Israelsson, I’m 30, I am a carpenter and pace group leader in Sideline City Run Club

2) When and why did you start running?

I’ve started about one and a half years ago, I missed a community, a team and sports in general after giving up playing football due to struggling with injuries. Found the run club by accident and fell in love with it instantly!

3) What does it mean to you to be actively part of the running crew project?

I’ve joined the crew on year 2 after the club was created in 2014. Gradually I’ve taken more responsible from being a runner among others to become a pace group leader. For me it has become my extended family with all that comes with that. Within I’ve found friends for life, I’ve found love, I’ve found a network of people I normally wouldn’t come across. It has given me so much joy and taken me to places I never thought I’d visit.
Always felt proud when I’ve improved my half marathon PB , but most important is clearly inspiring others to believe in their ability and challenge themself. Feels pretty damn good to know that I’ve inspired people, whom now are my friends, to maybe run their first half marathon, or share the tears of joy after pacing someone to their PB. Or just helping someone overcome their fear to run more than 10K.

4) How many times a week does the crew train and what kind of workout does it usually do?

We got two weekly crew sessions. One that is divided into 3 different pacing groups. What the groups do that week is decided by the pacing group captain and varies from week to week. Track, intervals, fartlek, long run, hills, special events. Always followed by having drinks and a bite to eat. And then we have a weekend session, which usually is a bit longer run, followed by brunch together.

5) Tell us about some Bridge The Gap events you have been to.

I’ve been to many BTG events (Copenhagen, Belgrade, London, Hamburg) and I also had the chance to meet other BTG crews in between larger events in shorts visits to their cities or at races. BTG events are always a blast. Of course they’ve been all a bit different, but I’ve always left with a smile, not wanting it to end and a urge to book the next event as soon as possible. We’ve also organized a BTG in Stockholm and it’s going to be huge! About 350 runners are coming to the city in the event of the Stockholm marathon.

6) Which are the future development you wish for your crew?

I wish for the core crew to grow and to continue on the same fun and “crew feeling” path we’re already on.



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