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One of the most important event in the Danish and European running world it’s just finished. For the Copenhagen Half Marathon the hosting Crew NBRO has organized a perfect Bridge The Gap event, and a bunch of our Eagles has gone there to be part of it.

We’ve asked to one of the founder of the Nørrebro Crew to talk about his way of living running by himself and with his wide Running Family.

1) Tell us more about you and your crew

My name is Anders, and I live in Nørrebro in the heart of Copenhagen. This is where NBRO Running was born back in 2010. Back in the days, about 10 of us started gathering each Saturday for a 15 km + run. The rumor started spreading, and we slowly started expanding. Now we’re 5600 members on our Facebook and around 3-400 runners on a weekly basis. The core of NBRO consists of around 100 dedicated runners, cheer leaders, cake bakers and much more.

2) When did your passion for running start?

I’ve been running since I was 18 years old; primarily to stay in shape. But when I first joined a running club, the game changed for me. The social aspect got me motivated, and I had someone to look up to and compare myself with.
When I moved to Copenhagen in 2008, I had plans of joining the biggest athletic club in Denmark, Sparta, but I just didn’t feel like my shape was good enough, so I kept postponing my debut. Instead, I ended up founding my own crew.
In the last couple of years, my passion for running has really escalated. Now I follow all the big international races and do a lot of nerdy talk with my “teammates”.

3) What does running mean for you?

It really means a lot to me these days. I get my daily dose of fresh air and high pulse, and I get to see a lot of guys who have become my good friends almost every day. Luckily, we’re in a decent shape, so we talk a lot when running together !

4) As a runner, what is your main ambition?

Well, for me it’s still all about improving my results; getting faster and faster. I fear for the day when I have to conclude that I’m too old to get any new PBs in the book.
Also, last year we launched a new motto ieammate beat his or her personal best. This is very motivating, too.

5) What is the most meaningful experience you had as a runner?

Luckily, I’ve had plenty of fantastic experiences as a runner. I’ve completed the Chicago Marathon with my girlfriend, I’ve ended 4th place in the Danish National Marathon Championship team competition with 2 of my good friends and fellow NBRO runners, I’ve run through the insane NBRO cheering section at Queen Louise’s Bridge during the Copenhagen Marathon, I’ve run the Hood To Coast relay, and I’ve won the Palestine International Marathon with a good friend; holding hands and crossing the finish line simultaneously. Winning is fun!

6) Tell us something about last weekend: the half marathon in your city, the cheering point, the parties. How did it all go?

Well, my race did not go as planned: I have an inflamed Achilles tendon, and after 3 km, it started hurting, so I slowed down. I have an important race Sunday the 2nd of October, so I didn’t want to take any chances.
I think it all went pretty smooth. The party on Sunday turned out exactly as crazy as we’d been hoping for! It’s already three years that we’ve been organizing BTG events since the Copenhagen Marathon 2013.

7) How long does it take to organize a BTG like that?

It takes a HUGE amount of hours planning stuff – like a relay for 80 people, at carboloading dinner for 150 people, parties, city tours, brunch etc. etc.
Moreover you always want to give your guests something special, like a race day singlet designed for that event. But to do it properly you need everyone’s size, and it could happen that someone might not come in the end, instead others might take an impulsive decision and join the fun at last minute, and they could get sad if there would be no special gift for them… I mean, trust me: it’s a puzzle!

8) What can you suggest to the new crews?

Remember it’s never been about getting free stuff – it’s about running kilometers, building and maintaining friendships and getting new experiences. Don’t focus on sponsorships and deals; they will come naturally along the way.








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