#1. Manuela and Food


It seems that, until few days before I was born, my mum used to spend her nights kneading and baking pizza in our family run restaurant. Or at least, that is what she tells :” It was my third pregnancy and I was tired of staying home doing nothing “

That is probably the reason why food has always been my obsession. I’m not talking about food in itself, like that grilled, dried and flavourless (tasteless?) piece of meat that you devour to make your stomach stop rumbling. I’ m constantly looking for taste. I love savouring everything that is on my dish and if there is anything I really like I use to eat very slow. That’ s why It often happens that, if I’m sitting with other people, I’m the one still eating the main course while the others are already drinking their liquor.

However, despite this unrestrained passion for food, cooking has never been really interesting to me. “ how does it come that you have a restaurant and you don’t like cooking?” Everyone has asked me this question so many times that I’ve lost count. And well, yes! If you have someone that cooks for you whatever and whenever you want, using a pan and learning to cook can be an unnecessary effort.

But then something has changed. When I joined the Eternal Eagles, I agreed to prepare cakes in order to obtain the crew t-shirt. Certainly, I had no clue on where to start: every part of the recipe I was following caused me an increasing sense of panic (and I’m not exaggerating!). And what about the baking times… I’m still not hundred percent sure that those on Internet are real. However, after couple of hours I used to take out my horrifying creations from the oven, thinking : “Oh well, at least the smell is not that bad.” All the Eternal eagles members always supported my heroic challenge with compliments and clapping, probably led by the post-training hunger.

In any case, able to cook or not, I found out that I like cooking. Creating something edible and tasty, by combining different ingredients together, gives me satisfaction. Someone probably realized it, since I was asked to run a cooking advice column. And so, here I’m! I told you my story and how my Eternal Eagles’ family was able to unveil a feature of me that has nothing to do with running.

In the following months, I will tell you about some people that decided to change their life and follow their passion and some other people for whom cooking became a mean to improve the reputation of neighborhoods considered to be disreputable.

I’ll give you some inputs to create dishes both healthy and tasty, by modifying some recipes in order to make them lighter and healthier (since, we -the runners- worry about our figure). I hope to make you drool… since I’m already drooling!


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