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One of the Rush Runners members has recently been in a trip in Europe. After seeing the Altare della Patria, glancing at the Knights of Malta Keyhole, and tasting the marvelous Giolitti’s ice cream, he joint the movement and took part to some of our appointments.
We’ve asked him something about him and his exotic Crew!

1) What’s your name, where are you from, how old are you and what do you do?

My name is Wisnu Tejakusuma, I come from Indonesia and I’m 26 years old. I work in online trading business for an electronic big home appliances. I love running, outdoor activities and planning trips!

2) When did you start running?

Since July 2015, I started running actively. Before that, I had only ran couple times with friends around our home and joined running club session once.
I had gone hiking and I struggled with my heart rate because of an inherited disease. Then, one of my friends told me that running helped him much with the stamina, which related directly to my heart disease. Therefore I decided to give it a try and running with the running club that they have joined, called Rush Runners.
When I first ran with them, they were having special program, which was pretty heavy for a newcomer like me. That was the first time my heart beat so fast for 2 hours long!
So I challenged myself I should train and do better and that day was not the day for me to stop running! Then the following days I started to run as a routines.

3) Tell us something about your crew, the Rush Runners

Rush Runners guys were immediately welcome and friendly, so it was easy for me to get along with them and I prefer running in a group rather than by myself, I’m more motivated and I don’t get bored!
Rush Runners does three sessions in a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, we call it #nightrush, while on Sunday, it is called #sundayrush. NightRush is usually filled with warming-up session, 3 – 5 km easy run, core/hip/leg (body) training or interval/endurance/speed run training, and then finished by cooling-down session. On SundayRush, we usually run longer, start with warming up session, and then 7-12 km run, and cooling-down session. The program may vary depends on the schedule of big events or races. And sometimes they hold extra program on Saturday, like track session or swimming session.

4) Jakarta seems to be full running crew, in your opinion which is the main difference between yours and the others?

What makes the difference between my Crew and the others is findable in the name of the Crew itself. RuSh Runners means RUn and SHare Runners. We do not run only, but also share knowledge about running within the group. Moreover Rush Runners is more welcome to the newcomers, we have a lot of activities our runners can do, and we have recently added also an only lady run called “Lady Rush”.

5) Tell us about your recent experience at Bali Marathon

For the last few months, I was pretty busy with works and afterwards I had long holiday trips. Until, I realized that the race was only a few weeks later and I panicked! I was worried because I skipped training sessions for Bali Marathon race prepared by Rush Runners, and moreover I did not run by myself often, and if I did, it was not long run for sure. However, I targeted myself to finish the half marathon race by 2 hours 30 minutes.
A few days before the race, it was getting worse. I was not confident with my target. I doubt that I could finish the race within 2 hours 30 minutes. When the race started, I tried to keep up with my friends for the first 3 km, then I realized I shouldn’t go faster and catch with their pace, so I ran slower and kept running with my pace.
I finished by 2 hours 19 minutes, I could have done faster than that, but I got cramp and my knee hurt so bad since the 17th km. However, I was happy and satisfied with the result anyway, especially remembering the target that I made before the race: to be finished in 2 hours 30 minutes.
Unfortunately I did not had the chance to join the BTG events, but I will in the future for sure, and next year I want to see some Eternal Eagles in Bali!

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