Meet the Eagles – Giulia P.


1) What’s your name, how hold are you and what do you do?

My name is Giulia, I’m 26 and I come from a small town near Milano. I work for an agency that organizes cultural exchanges in the USA. It’s exactly the job I would have liked to do. I’ve always believed that being in contact with people from a culture different from yours could enrich you and help you opening your mind.

2) What do you like the most of living in Rome?

I moved to Rome one year ago, for my job; it’s been the quickest year of my entire life!
There are some things I just adore doing in Rome: having a coffee on the Vittoriano Terrace at the sunset, with the Fori Imperiali in front of me, having a walk with S. Peter’s view, or going wandering in Trastevere.
What I’ve learn travelling is that a city can be nice to see or efficient, but what makes it real fascinating is the people who live the city, and here in Rome I’ve been meeting wonderful people!

3) Which are your passion at the moment?

My biggest passion is organizing trips: tell me where you wanna go and in a sec I’ll book your flights, I’ll organize the itinerary and all the transfers!
One of my most epic trip was a backpacking trip I had in the Australian outback, and another in Burma.
The next stops will be Singapore and Bali.
I’m also totally fascinating by everything about life coaching: I believe in the infinite skills of human mind, and I am strictly convinced that if you really want something, you can do it! I got inspired mostly from the life coach Anthony Robbins.

4) Giulia and sport: which sport have you done and why did you start running?

When I was a baby I’ve practiced a lot of sports, in the last few years I’ve attended many different gyms. I started running because after an entire day studying or working, I needed to relieve stress and to free my mind. I used to run by myself, with my favorite playlist in ears!
I’ve realized that I’ve never run continuously and that I did it just for the feeling it gave me, I’ve never tried to overcome my limits or established specific targets and then tried to reach them, but now I would like to do it! Since I’ve started to run with a Crew, I’ve been surrounded by people who put so much passion in all the kilometers they left behind and that is a great inspiration for me!

5) Three things in your bucket list

– Travelling through all the Southeast Asia
– Running enough kilometers without throwing a lung
– Learning how to cook something different from boiled

6) Your favorite book, a song you could listen hundred times in a raw, a movie everyone should watch

Book: “L’ultima riga delle favole” by Massimo Gramellini
Song: “I lived” by One Republic
Movie: “The positive Side” with Bradley Cooper!




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