Meet the Eagles – Selina


1) What’s your name, your age and what do you do

My name is Selina, I’m from Canada, I’m 30 years old, and I am a Learning & Communications Consultant at the UN World Food Programme.
I have always dreamed of working in the Humanitarian sector and especially to work for the United Nations. After I graduated from business school, I worked in the private sector for a few years before I decided to make a change and switch industries.

2) When did you moved to Rome and what do you think about your Roman life?

I moved to Rome last September for my job and it was a bonus that it was located in Rome! Except for the fact that people don’t seem to queue in straight lines, don’t eat eggs for breakfast and sometimes no one understands my jokes, I love this city!
I like to discover new places in the city and lucky for me, there are no shortage of things to discover in Rome whether it is a new market, festival, or restaurant.
What I love the most about living here is that you can add “-issimo” to everything to express yourself , the fact that you can drink in public and meet people in a piazza for a beer, and the Aperitivo: I think we should export all this things in Canada!

3) Which sports have you practiced in your life before running and which is your favorite?

As any Canadian kid, I did learn to skate when I was 5: Canadians love hockey the way that Italians love football! I used to play field hockey and run track and field. Because of my lack of hand-eye coordination, running is my favorite.
I try to run 3-4 times a week and do one additional strength work-out to compliment running. A friend and I like to sprint up the stairs by viale Trastevere and do squats / push-ups / etc. at the top while tourists take photos of us!

4) Did you used to run alone or with a Running Crew when you were in Canada?

I first started running with a crew when I trained for my first marathon and I have been addicted ever since. Now, it is hard to imagine running alone all the time.
There is a saying “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”, but for me, I find I run both farther and faster with a crew. I like being a group that both pushes you and supports you. Besides running though, I love that being in a crew brings people from all different walks of life together and I have met many incredible people (Eternal Eagles included!) through running. The running community is a special thing and can connect people across cultures which is amazing.

5) Three things on your bucket list

1. See the northern lights
2. Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon
3. Hike and/or snowboard the Dolomites


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