Emotions of the Athletic Body

Emotions of the Athletic Body, is the last exhibition all’Armani Silos by Giorgio Armani which was launched at the last edition of the Milan Fashion Week and has been visitable until November 27th.

“I have always been fascinated by the cult of sport, – says Armani – which, since ancient times, is related to the idea of athleticism and impressive athletic movement. This exhibition aims to enhance the sporting attitude combined aesthetics. Through fashion I tried to interpret the meaning of competitive sports clothing for my advertising campaigns, choosing among world-class athletes, but also among those who still aspire to glory. ”

On the exhibition were shown a selection of photographs depicting athletes from different sports disciplines, photos taken for publicity campaigns, magazine and publications from 1985, kept in the archive of the brand and today exhibit.

Athletes are seen not only as a sporting role models but also as a fascinating photographic subjects that, over the years, have been snapped wearing Armani clothes. The exhibition pays tribute as well to the power and beauty of the body both male and female, also with the intent, from the Maisons, to achieve in the future a collection that enhances even more the beauty of the athletic body of modern women.

“Sport has always been one of my passions – emphasizes Armani – I think it represents the qualities that allow us to improve ourselves: dedication, sacrifice, perseverance and willpower. Sport is good for the body but also the spirit and demonstrates that every success is achieved with effort. ”

An exhibition that does not forget the sport dynamism even in its construction: the entrance, to welcome visitors, you can find a statue which reproduces life-size an athlete balanced on a stone globe. The floor with tartan and marked lanes of the track; photos on the walls in black and white printed on large sheets are alternate with video installations with inedited films. You found an unique selection of Kurt and Marcus Weston, and some shots of the famous photographer, including Aldo Fallai, Howard Schatz, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Serge Guerand, Cliff Watts, Eric Nehr, Vangelis Kyris, Tom Munro, Richard Phibbs Antoine Passerat.

The exhibition also forms the backdrop to the fourth edition of the Armani / Silos Film Series. He also continues to support Special Olympics, the sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities.

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