#3 What about artichokes ?!

If you read my previous article, you will surely have guessed that I go crazy for artichokes. They are one of the few joys that the cold months bring me and I eat them in every way they are cooked. Probably it is genetic passion from my father, because in the family dining artichoke “alla romana” is a must.

 However, since this is a runner blog, I’ll stop talking about my love for this vegetable and expose its many beneficial properties: the artichoke is rich in active ingredients and has many therapeutic virtues. It contains very few calories and a high amount of fiber and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium and sodium. It has diuretic and digestive properties and for this reason it is recommended to solve cholesterol problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight and cellulite. Did you know that the plant also helps in detoxification of the liver? And it also offers protection against cancer, due to its high content of antioxidants? Well, now you know!
Obviously many of these properties reduce with the cooking process, so I recommend eating it raw and eat it with oil, salt and lemon (even vinaigrette is delicious). But if you want to enjoy a more appetizing salad, you just add fennel and parmesan cheese.

 And if you don’t care anything about fiber or potassium, there are plenty of recipes to taste the artichoke: from the first as the risotto, pasta or lasagna, the latter as the classic omelet or the wonderful squid to the plate, to side dishes such as artichokes or Roman, and so on.

 You got hungry? I hope so, because I will confess a discovery I just made couple of days ago: the entrecote with ​​artichokes.
Probably many of you will wonder what is so special, maybe you shall have eaten dozens of times; The tender meat that melts in the mouth, has a delicate flavor that contrasts with the more decided crispy artichoke leaf.

 The entrecote with ​​artichokes:

 Now, I’m not a chef and so I do not feel able to write a recipe to follow (because you already know that on the web you would find hundreds better than mine). But let me give you some tips to make this tasty dish than it already is: 

 1) The sirloin must be medium rare, so after it is mixed with pepper, cook it on the very high temperature plate for approximately 2-3 minutes per side. then cut into thick slices about 2 cm with an oblique cut. Do not add oil or salt because it would burn and would dry out the meat.

 2) To make the exterior crispy is better to remove it from the refrigerator an hour before cooking. After cooking it, dab it before serving it. 

 3) Among the various recipes, some say to cut the artichokes into slices and fry them or cook them separately. I prefer to prepare them to the Roman way, cook them and pan fry it with the meat, with a pinch of salt and a little olive oil. Of course, the process is a bit ‘longer, but trust me, it’s worth it!

 4) Serve with a good firm and full-bodied red wine (N.B .: This is not a suggestion, it’s an order).

 If you will want to try this dish, I hope my tips will be useful. And if the outcome is disastrous, come and run with Eternal Eagles, so we can discuss it!

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