Meet the eagles – Tàrsis

Recently our Eagle Giorgia de Rosa has been hosted by an overseas Crew, the Cria Crew. We have interviewed their founder: the 24 year old Tàrsis.

1) What’s your name, how old are you and what do you do?

My name is Társis, I’m 24 years old and I am photographer, an athlete and work with design too.

2) When and why did the “Cria Crew” project started?

I’ve always practiced a lot of sports: surf, skateboard, bike, parkour, motocross, slackline, capoeira, rowing and other radical sports… The Cria Crew project started in the 2012 when I already was a professional runner, I wanted to create something new, so I founded the Crew.

3) How many times a week does the crew train? How is a training session organized?

We train two days per week together and one day with other crew friends. We don’t have scheduled days, we try to find the best day and hour in the week in order to find the best time for everybody.

4) Which is the spirit of your training session? Do you prepare together for specific races, do you run just to stay fit or do you just enjoy running around and make noise?

Our spirit is free! We always like to run in places where no one runs and make this our places. Is a form of “urban occupation”.

5) Which are the main differences between your crew and the other from your city?

I think the biggest difference is being always together and fuck off the performance sometimes! We like not only to practice other sports together, but to go out, to go to the beach, parties and to help each other when they need power to train or simply to study something that never did, we are more than a running group!

6) How is running in Rio? Do you think is it less safe than other cities? 

Well, I think neither place in the world is fully safe. This is the adrenaline rush of being in a place you don’t know, like favellas. We are not afraid to run nowhere and people see us running and show all the good energy that is still left in places. They give us the power and encouragement even though we do not know each other, because they know that we are there to change that place. To play sports!

7) Which is your favorite film?

“Fight club” for sure!

8) Which music is always in your running playlist?

I love hip hop, rap and rock. That things are always in my playlist for different times.

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