#4. Handy taste

Taste, quality, convenience, tradition but also innovation… that’s the street food.  It’s the greatest manifestation of culinary expression and the latest safeguard of a territory’s identity.

Am I exaggerating? Well, think about the Florentine lampredotto (bovine’s stomach) , the scagliozze from Bari (corn mash pankcakes), the piadina from emilia Romagna, the Neapolitan sflogliatelle, or the roman supplì.. Did you get it?

Street food is not only a latest trend, but it is the outcome of an ancient craft.

Ok, maybe not as ancient as the profession you are thinking… but almost. The first example of street food goes back to thousands years ago, when Egyptian used to fried fish and sell it on the streets of the city of Alessandria.

This habit was then adopted also in Greece and in the Roman Empire… what a pity that they had still not discovered potatoes.

The less well-off families used to live in houses with no kitchen. So, this cheap and practical way of eating was a routine.

Street food went along the evolution of the human civilization. It has enriched and has evolved in different varieties, becoming the fundament of the culinary culture of every country

Due to its poor origins, this kind of food has never been truly respected.

Nonetheless, recently, this situation has changed.

The world is completely globalized. Indeed, it s possible to go across the street to have dinner with dishes from Cambodia, Botswana or Kirghizistan.

But the love for traditional food is coming back.

Ok, I may be biased.

Festivals devoted to street food are getting more and more popular.

This is the reason why I wanted to interview on of our beloved leaders, Lorenzo letta , who is the confounder and the event manager of Tastreet.

How Tastreet was born?

It is a question that I make to myself, as well. Tastreet originated in the heads of four guys, who were dealing with the Roman nightlife, and wanted to answer to a common question: what do you want to do when you are grown-up?  So we said: ok let’ do what we usually do: events! And let’s combine it with our other passion: food!

So,In March, in front of our attorney and notary, we founded our company that became our “daughter “rather than a job.

What’s the goal?

The purpose can be found in our slogan  “we build this city on grandma’s recipes”.

It means that we want to bring the street food to its natural dimension: the popular one. And who is the head of the family, according to traditions? The grandmother!

We want to let you taste all the receipts from all over the world; but for now let’s start with Rome!

Several people think that street food is equivalent to junk food. How would you answer to it?

Street food, like the food cooked in a restaurant or sold in the supermarket is the outcome of different things. But, besides the cooker’s capacities, the most important thing is the quality of the products. When street food is made with high quality products, it cannot be considered junk food but it should be seen like a tasty deviation from a culinary style that is going towards an healthier direction

Tastreet is very young but it has been a success since the first event. What’s your strengths?

It’s our love for food and the high quality of the trucks we expose during our events. It’ s a complete teamwork when we decide who is going to collaborate with us. We seek to satisfy everyone: those who eat everything, those that for same reasons eat only few things and finally those that need to eat gluten-free products for health reasons.

You have already organized the supplì festival, the roman OTTObirRATA romana and the meatballs festival… what’s next?

The past events have been a success, but we want to improve. Hence, we are correcting something that our customers and exhibitors suggested us to fix up. Then, we will put heart and soul into the next project, which will be something incredible.

Last and most important question: are you looking for an official taster?

Taster? Then, be ready for a tough training: “put the sauce, remove the sauce”

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