Bye bye depot Atac

Via della Lega Lombarda? Who has any idea where it is, knows it as “the way which is between Circonvallazione Tiburtina and Viale Ippocarate”. The street where you can find the Jolly Cinema, not far from Piazza Bologna. That street where there was a ATAC depot. And what now?

Well, now everything is completely changed. Instead of (let’s face it) horrible bus depot, there is an unusual complex of buildings, designed by the group of Roman architects Labics, who answers to the name of the Sun City. The complex, two thousand square meters, offers a set of residences , offices and commercial spaces that merge, creating a small city, active at every hour of the day.

The outdoor space is fluid and permeable in all its parts and becomes a path that beckons to be explored.

It almost seems that in Rome, when you decide to build something, everyone goes crazy like: “No, no stop it all. You cannot change anything ” You have no idea how many people (even those who live in front of the new complex) have complained and protested. Is not even imaginable to build something really nice, something accurate, precise and studied in every detail which could  work  at least once.

City of the Sun works and so does pretty well. And above all it is useful. It helps to renew a city paralyzed bu its attachment to history. I wonder if it’s worth blocking all the works instead of allowing our beautiful Rome to move forward and make progress

Go take a look and judge for yourself. Walk through the City of the Sun and make your own idea. And in the meantime, you can take a nice run along the itinerary I have prepared for you!

5 km between architecture and villas

Starting from the Sun City and continuing on Via Lega Lombarda so you get to Via Catania from which you arrive to Via Spallanzani and enter to Villa Torlonia. Inside the Villa there are so many buildings linked to the Fascist period that is worth visiting, such as the hoot owls and two museums. Leaving by the same entrance, turning right you’ll find Villa Paganinim with its artificial lake and then along Via Torlonia will return to the starting point!

If you are curious, follow the link to see the map:

Good race!

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