#5. Ginger, our best friend!


Can you feel it? It’s coming. It’s just around the corner. SUMMER.

The season made of ice creams, swimsuites and shorts. And we don’t want to be catched unprepared again, do we? It’s time to make that belly made of months of culinary pleasures disappear, and start a little bit of diet. And since “following a balanced diet is not enough to loose weight, you also need to practice physical exercise”, here we come! If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to lace up your running shoes and join our mad squad.

Apart from boring cliché, today I want to talk to you about a magical root, which had recently gained large success in the west: ginger. Better known as “the root of health”, it owns any kind of properties. It’s antiemetic, painkiller, antioxidant and anticancer naturally; it helps digestion and contributes to harmonize the digestive system; it stimulates and strenghten the heart and circulatory system; counterbalance the bacterial flora and reduces cholesterol levels. Ah, and it seems to be and excellent aphrodisiac. When you say multitasking.

But the feature we are interested in right now is another one: hear ye hear ye, ginger can help us loosing weight! Indeed, the specific taste of this root, together with its light spiciness, has termogenic capability. So, by increasing the body temperature, gives an immediate shake to our metabolism. It’s possible to achieve this marvelous effect by drinking ginger decoction or tisane, or even by chewing some bites over the day. If you want to play hard, the combo ginger + lemon is made for you. Be careful not to exaggerate, anyway: our dear root has many positive effects, but also some contraindication.

Now, let’s cut the crap. It’s time to talk seriously: beyond tisane and decoction, ginger can be used to realize many tasty recipes, from pasta to main courses and desserts, and here I come into play! But, since days are getting hotter and we want to watch our weight, I choose to show you a very simple course, quick to prepare and light: the fish tartare with lemon and ginger.

Fish tartare with lemon and ginger

You can choose wich fish to use! Ginger goes with everything, salmon, tuna, sea bream, sword fish, shrimps and so on. With its fresh and slightly spicy taste, joined with the sourness of the lemon and the sweetness of the orange, it makes this appetizer even more fanciful.

Ingredients (serves 2):

* 200gr raw fish (n.b. previously frozen!)

* 1 piece of fresh ginger

* extra virgin olive oil (as much as needed)

* 1 lemon

* 1 orange

* salt & pepper (as much as needed)

Clean the fish and cut it into cubes, not too small. Grate the lemon and the orange rinds, pay attencion not to grate the white bit as it’s too bitter. Using a potato peeler, peel the ginger then grate it and mix it with the rind of the citruses. Add olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and mix again. Are you sure you’ve mixed enogh? Ooook. Now, if you want to plate it all like Joe Bastianich, use a food ring mold, otherwise you can serve it into a glass or pottery bowl. Last touch: a bit of orange juice et voilà, your tartare is ready to be tasted!


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