Meet the Eagles – Luca Laurenti

His signature is on our t-shirts. His works are always with us in every cheering point. Thanks to his pencil , the floor of the former barracks Guido Reni was covered by the portraits of the members of the crew, during Ginnika 2016.

We made him talk about himself, without his pencil. Here you have the interview to the “Maestro” Luca Laurenti.

What’s your name, how old are you and what do you do in your life? 

On my id it’s still writtenLuca Larenti . I will soon turn 33 and i do everything that can make me happy, like the illustrator and the art director.

The job you have nowadays is the same you wanted when you were a child ?

I ‘ve been drawing forever. I wanted to be a drama actor in France, but i m not able to stay serious for a long time. There are several moments that made me realize that i  have undertaken the right way. For sure, in ten years i see myself as an happy man, or at least as a man that has tried to be happy.

Why have you chose “Mklane” as your stage name?

Because  “Javier Bardem” was not available anymore.

Among all the jobs you have done, which is the most significant?

The most significant jobs are those that i ve done for the people, thinking about them.

I was 7 more or less when i brought a Lupo Alberto picture to school.  Nobody believed that I had drawed it. then, after i had been mocked even by my teacher I brought 11 Lupo Alberto paints to all that nice kids and also for the bitch with a bowl haircut.

What are the most extravagant requests?

She: “ are you able to make something that can express what i feel?”

Me: “ yes, but what are you thinking about?”

She: “ wait, now i’ll think about it”

For your birthday, a special event will take place. What s going on the 8th of June?

When i was 9 I had my first and last birthday party. Usually, i organize parties for other people. Since i m not good at organizing bithday parties for me, i decided to organize an exposition, that will take place on the 8th of June. It will last 3 hours and 30 minutes and on this occasion I will give something to anyone wil be there.

Let’s talk about sport: which sports have you practised before joining the Eternal eagles? Can you dispel the myth of the artist who hates sports?

I understood that drawing was a better choice thanks to all the hits i received in judo, all the wrong 3 points shots when I used to play basket and all the crossbars  I took when i played football. However, running  is not that bad.

I joined the crew because I like considering the Eternal Eagles as a second family where joy and sorrow are well-balanced. It’ s a family where you can help the others and test yourself without being judged.

A movie that everyone should watch?

The Shawshank Redemption Is the movie that the members of my crew should watch. It talks about friendship and its value.

What the book you loved?

Finnegans wake by James Joyce.

What s the song you would listen to forever?

I would rather listen to the sea waves sound.

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