Green, Smart, Respectful

“A masterwork of green construction industry, capable to match the best international standards and elevate Rome to the same level as the big capital cities in the world”.

In the middle of the prestigious district of Parioli, in a definitely privileged position, the residences of Palazzo Pitagora rise up, and they are destined to become a dominant reference point in the real estate scene of the whole capital.

The planning concept was based on the will to offer spaces that are proportionate to the local standards, without omitting attention and care to the design and the style. The palace is made out of 35 apartments, provided with the most advanced technologies that guarantee a high energetic class, the zeroing of CO2 emissions and a fall of the 80% of consumptions. All of this without giving up to a pinch of history, indeed the modern elements melt perfectly with wise nineteenth-century rebukes, so much that the new building blends in perfectly with the skyline that surrounds it.

To retrieve a building such as Palazzo Pitagora can be considered a real enhancement project, and its importance falls on the whole city. It is exactly this kind of operations that represent great opportunities in the architectural panorama, even more when in Rome. In the capital indeed, there are many important historical buildings, but they turn out to be inadequate from the point of view of the structure and internal spaces organization.

Palazzo Pitagora residences are not conceived as a finished or prepackaged product, but are actually a variable space that can be adapted to the needs and changes of the residents. All of the apartments, equipped with a system of home automation, are provided with an external area. The interiors are characterized by a contemporary and refined design, and the care for the details and the attention on the choice of materials integrate with the functionality and technological efficiency.  

The real challenge for the architect Guidi study, designer for Bioedil Progetti, was to realize an ultramodern construction project, that was in continuity with the urban context giving life to a new space: a space that develops from the same site and is not an imposition.

Palazzo Pitagora is transformed in a point of reference for the green economy, melting sustainability, elegance, innovation and cosmopolitanism.

10 km between two villas

To admire the residences of Palazzo Pitagora while training, you can run along this route: starting from Libia underground station, go ahead towards Villa Ada through Piazza Vescovio. Once arrived at the pond, you’ll have the usual 4 kms that will bring you to the opposite exit. Once outside you will be in Viale Romania, running along the wall of LUISS University you’ll reach directly Piazza Ungheria. From here, proceeding to the right in the direction of Via Antonio Stoppani, you will arrive in Piazza Pitagora. Take a moment to have a look at the new building and try to have your own opinion! Running again towards Via Giovanni Paisiello you will arrive directly in Villa Borghese, into the Parco dei Daini. Inside the Villa, run the usual path that leads you to the Borghese Museum and the Casa del Cinema and you will get to Piazza Bucarest and then to the left slope of Pincio. The path ends in Piazza del Popolo and here you have two options: take the underground and go back or run backwards and complete the 21km of the half marathon!

If you like the path, follow this link to see it on the maps:

Enjoy the run!

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