Eat pasta run fasta!

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There comes a time in every runner’s career when you decide to test yourself and live a unique experience. So, you go on the web site race, you fill out the form and register for your first half marathon of your life. From now on, there will be a succession of feelings: happiness, anxiety, excitement. 

No panic, you can do it! And, in case you feel insecure about it, just remember that among the Eagles there are several “veterans” that can support you during the race preparation.  Are you asking how this can be related with food? It is! Here you are.

Training for a half marathon does not only mean to improve your performance. Food has a crucial role as well, since it is the fuel for your body. A good diet will help you to have a better performance and to enjoy your run without feeling any exhaustion caused by wrong dietary choices. 

Everyone has different physical needs. It’ s necessary to make some attempts before finding the right nutrition for a half marathon. In general, there are some foods that are particularly suitable for a race lasting over 90 minutes: whole cereals, vegetables, legumes, seeds, fresh and dried fruit.

Before the competition, it’s suitable to use the so called “carb load” strategy that consists in redistributing some macro nourishing that we consume daily. A good Mediterranean diet is made of 50% of carbs, 30% of fat and 20% of proteins. The carb load, instead, consists of a daily consumption of 70% of carbs, 12% of fat and 15% of proteins. Don’t make the mistake of gorging with bread, rice or pasta, thinking that this food will lead to a higher level of glycogen. If you exceed, you will accumulate fat that can worsen your performances.

In the days before the race, you shouldn’t increase the level of daily calories. But, the day before you are supposed to integrate about 300-400 calories, increasing the consumption of carbs, during the breakfast and the lunch. In this way, you won’t risk exaggerating during the dinner and you will be able to sleep well. 

The morning of the race (not over 3 hours prior to the event) it’s crucial to assume carbs (60-100 gr), avoiding the consumption of coffee and sparkling drinks. During the competition is very important to keep the glycemia stable, otherwise the supply collected the days before will finish and you will risk to have an energetic collapse.  So, it’s suitable to have at least one gel (diluted in some water), but only if you have tested it during the previous trainings 

If you want to follow these tips without sacrificing the taste, you will find some interesting ideas for you. 

Spelt salad

spelt- 100 gr

tomatoes – 50 gr


tuna or fresh cheese – 70 gr

olives – 20 gr

It is a tasty and easy dish, that you can dress with any vegetable you wish. After cooking the spelt and waited until it cools down, cut the vegetables and add them to the spelt. Now, you can add some tuna or some fresh chees ( like mozzarella) and some olives. Dress the salad with some oil and a handful of salt.

Orange Chicken

Chicken breast – 60 gr

orange – 1/2


Bouillon – 50 ml

Salt, oil and pepper – q.b.

Cut the chicken and cook it in a pot over medium high heat with the bouillon and the rosemaryt. When the bites are browning , add some juice and some peel of orange. Wait until it vanishes and turns into a creamy sauce. Then, add salt, pepper and oil.

Spinach, apple, walnut and raisin salad

spinach – 75 gr

pick lady apples – 1/2

walnuts – 4

raisin – 10 gr

balsamic vinaigrette cream, oil and salt.

This is my favorite salad! It’s very fast to prepare. Soak the raisin in lukewarm water. In the meantime, put the spinach, the apples and the walnuts into a salad bowl.  When the raisin is soft enough, add it to the salad and dress it with the balsamic vinaigrette, the oil and some salt.

Are you ready?

Good luck and see you at the finish line!

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