Running for the Planet

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The sustainable living trend, possibly #zerowaste, has entered our lives by now since a few years, changing our habits as citizens and runners. This style seems to spread like an oil stain and could possibly bring effective benefits for planet earth and help the implementation of the circular economy.

Among the main social networks – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – there are continuous sponsorships about blogs, shops, initiatives, that give advices on how to have a more sustainable lifestyle (retezerowaste, etc.), they invite you to buy package-free, maybe bringing your own containers from home (like Negozio Leggero), and to buy from vintage shops or through internet portals that allow you to exchange clothes and accessories between users (,, are just some of the most famous), and also to take part at events in support of planet earth (#fridaysforfuture, Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Ocean Day etc.). And that’s not all, from a few years now you can find online various initiatives, from social networks to app that monitor sporting activity, all following the concept of sustainability, and they have the purpose to put in contact and involve more people into adopting a greener lifestyle.

Many of these digital instruments use incentive systems that reward you for every sustainable action you register. Running, using a bicycle, recycling materials, clothes, things are just some of actions that allow you to accumulate points that are then exchanged in coupons you can use to get discounts during online shopping, or they allow you to donate the points to associations or organizations committed to safeguarding the planet.

Among the social networks, a very interesting one that was created in Tuscany is GreenApes, the green social network for environmental sustainability that invites people to share good practices, like eating bio and local, recycling, moving around using a bicycle or public transport. Through this sharing, users have the chance to see their sustainable actions rewarded with real prizes: discounts, free meals, special events. All thanks to the storage of BankoNuts, the “nuts” that allow you to claim special prizes. GreenApes does not call on single users only, but also to municipalities that through it can achieve their vocation of Smart Cities. Indeed this system helps local stakeholders to meet, creating events, involving and rewarding the citizens for their commitment to sustainability.

More green initiatives that are closer to the world of running and allow you to transform your own training into a good action in favor of the environment are frequently organized by the various running apps that allow you to accumulate points for every km run, these are converted into money and donated to organizations that are committed into safeguarding the territory. An example is Runtastic that on the occasion of World Ocean Day has started the initiative Run for the oceans: run against the pollution: for every km run Adidas will donate 1$, up to a maximum of 1.5 million dollars, to the program Parley Ocean School.

So runners, what are you waiting for to join?

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