Eternal Eagles sessions’ are free, open to everyone but limited.
To participate you have to click


and wait for the confirmation mail.

Only if you receive this email, you will be allowed to participate, this procedure must be followed in order to join our group.


Monday 19:45: Boost Breathe, Stretch * reserved * – The Yellow (Castro Pretorio)
60 minute functional training reserved for Eternal Eagles members.

The team of “Life Motus” athletes combines martial arts, yoga, acroyoga, art gymnastics, balancing and circus techniques, physiotherapy, osteopathy, Bioenergetics, souchard method and myofascial release, to give life to a complete and innovative workout, capable of improving athletic gesture, optimizing respiratory mechanics and preventing accidents by working on power, and flexibility.

Wednesday 19:45 Every Damn Wednesday @ ContestaRockHair – Rione Monti
Run open to everyone upon registration

The workout is structured to allow everyone to participate, even those who have never run, regardless of their level of physical fitness. EDW is the most important weekly event of the Eternal Eagles and consists of a social run through the most fascinating places in the center of Rome.
We advise you to come in sportswear but there is the possibility to deposit your bags and change in the store. If you wish to do so, we ask that you arrive a few minutes early.

Friday 6:10 Early Eagles *reserved*
50/60 minute running training reserved for Eternal Eagles members.

A run at sunrise through the empty streets of a city that still needs to wake up.

For any further information, please ask us through the from contact-eternaleagles
If you’ve already partecipated in one of our workouts, talk to one of our captains.